Friday, September 25, 2009

00383 Taken!


I was just mailing Pedro about using one of his images of UFOs to make a picture with little people depicting an alien abduction, but just as I was coming home the other day, I saw it happen! FOR REAL!!!!!



They'll probably cut off his goolies and everything.

00382 Caaaaaaaaaaaaaykesssssssss!

" ... or death?"

"Mmmmmm - Cakes please"

"Oh, ok, then"

Vanishing cakes

3 in a row

Swirlycakes Swirlycakes

Sunday, September 06, 2009

00381 Backgammon boards are here again

Sing along now.

The last backgammon post was back at post 00253.

The whole "evening class backgammon board" thing just ran plain out of steam what with not being able to use half the tools (health and safety).

So after a brief period of mourning for the old design (which I might revisit one day), I've taken the attitude that hand tools and cheap materials are the way to go.

And, glory be, I'm so happy with the result.

From this:

Materials Strips from the pallet

To this:


Points Finished board Magnets

Finished board

Piece Doubling cube

Now all I need is a stiff drink, a dinner jacket, a pocket full of cash, an admiring crowd and a rich adversary bent on world domination.

I'll probably need to get some panache, too.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

00380 Showroom


"fresh in from Portugal"

"wow, looks like a Pedro Moura Pinheiro"

"you have a good eye"

00379 Holgaaaaaaaaaargh!

It's like a regular camera, but for pirates:


Booty Boat Razor clam hunt


It's so analogue, it hurts, mainly just around the wallet. What's the attraction of not seeing the images you shoot straight away? Dunno. It's like a fashion or something.

00378 TTVirus

I have been bitten by something and I came out in this massive rash of similarly-doctored images:


Jonah and the wave Speedy The boys

I got this cream, but they keep appearing.

00377 Portleggs

They're eggs at Portlet, what else would they be?

Egg at Portlet

twenty seconds