Monday, March 29, 2010

00405 It's all in the mind

It's all rattling around in there and if you stick a tube in my ear and look down it, you'll see loads of drawings.

Eventually it seeps out through my hands. Bit by bit.

So this is really just a list of manual secretions:

Coffee table becomes dining table
Ottoman becomes coffee table and cushion
Moulded stuff around USB flash drive
Glass shark in a box
Rocket with wood and copper pipe
Wood, glass and plastic mix table
Jar full of heads
Glass cast in resin
Frames with lights behind pointing at the wall
Rockets out of valves
Tea light holders - mdf
Light socket stuff - frames, lights
Glass game boards with photocopied sheets underneath the glass
Picture frame - metaframe
Solar stone polisher
Wind powered stone polisher
Robot/beambots for sand drawing
Bone breadsticks
"Daisy chain" breadsticks
Sparebot bookends
Cable drum beach relief kit
Balloon and parachte camera rig - balloon popped with pin via microcontroller

If I get run over tomorrow I can only hope that someone out there will continue the good work.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

00404 Error - Pooh Stick not found

Oh, no, wait, there it is:

Horse trough pooh stick

She's made from stuff found in the water lanes, as well as a bench.

Horse trough pooh stick

Mostly just the stuff.

00403 The doors. THE DOORS!


Man you've got to love doors.



No, really, you have to love them or the police will come and take you away and drown you in your own doorlessness.

Then you'll be sorry.

I keep all my business secret behind the green one. I also keep all my secret business there, too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

00402 Cakes The Show

Following it's huge on screen success (oh, wait, that should read in-mouth success), we've decided to open on Broadway and the West End simultaneously.

I should be retiring any time soon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

00401 The doors

I can't seem to get an adequate image of them, but believe me when I say that I have finally put tiny doors inside boxes.

That's right, tiny doors.

Inside boxes.

What's that you say? "They said it couldn't be done".


They never said that.

What they said was, "You really shouldn't do that".

But I did it anyway.

Next on my list is to stop the voices.

After that it's back to the bots in the boxes.

In other news, I can feel a resurgence of "Robots that draw in the sand". Just you wait 'till I get my hands on two similarly sized drill motors and a motorbike battery.

Actually, probably best not to wait.

Summer's coming and that means beach, which means, rakes and pooh sticks. Probably some KAP too

In the other news that isn't that, I'll mostly be continuing with making a slideshow of small cakes, some of which will have letters, faces, random and fractal patterns, or all of the above.

As you do.

00400 Casting pieces

Room temperature vulcanising silicone.

It just sits there looking lovely.

Then, just when you don't thing it can get any better, in goes the Fastcast polyurethane resin with marble powder and pigment:


Moulding and Casting

Moulding and Casting Moulding and Casting

Moulding and Casting Moulding and Casting Moulding and Casting

And you think you really have got it as good as it gets.

Of course, you're right, because your OCD has reached a psychotic level and the authorities have decide that it's probably best to shelter you under their wing, pumped so full of downers that you think you're the bed.

Hey, but I still cast backgammon pieces, so I guess i rock.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

00399 Trapped

The first one with the coins on the top and the hidden wiring. It's the coolest thing, if you're into electronic components bent into the shape of armless and headless cripples stuck to wooden columns inside a reclaimed woos display case. With painted toothpicks.


I'm so into that. Spank me.

00398 Boxy, boxy, boxy

And of course, boxy.

Four more on the go, two with the cable channeled through the walls and two just standard (but nice) for the little doors I started putting in them.

Didn't I mention the doors thing. Yeah, I got hit by a bus and lost my mind and now I'm putting little doors in boxes.

That's all true (apart from the bit about the bus).

Boxes with wires

Pieces of boxes Topside wiring Wired up

Oh, hey, mustn't forget the random shot of the plane and the wood shaving.


That's better.

Meanwhile the Sparebots are breeding.

Obviously they're not actually breeding. I don't want to be labeled as some DIY wire-based pron freak (don't Google that phrase).

Monday, March 01, 2010

00397 Down low

I've always prided myself on consistently refusing to follow the crowd.

Until they do something I like.

Actually it happens quite often (I got really into the breathing thing for a long while).

So down low I go. Sometimes it's good sometimes no-go. Either way it's a great use of a digital camera for passing the micro seconds:

And in the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that"