Friday, May 28, 2010

00418 Going nowhere

Sometimes you want to go somewhere and you just don't know how to make it happen

Going nowhere

Other times you don't want to go somewhere but someone makes it happen anyway.

Then there are even some times where you don't get anywhere and then someone says "hey come over here, there's like this little door in the next room", but when you get there you discover it's just the door that leads into the room and the only door in the room next door is the one you came in through.

And then, oh, hang on, I'm not going anywhere with this am I?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

00417 Rooved

Moulin Huet Pooh stick

When it's hot you need shade.

But it'll make you a loser.

Although to be fair (as Matthias pointed out) the winner had God on his side:

Moulin Huet Pooh sticks

00416 the balloon cloud

Imagine if you will the clich├ęd image of the sullen man being pursued by his own private storm cloud.

Now ...

Balloon cloud

We met Paddy at a friend's house. He had just come from his daughter's 7th Birthday party and announced that all he could think of was seven-year-old girl's party stuff, as if it weren't what he would want to do given the choice.

Five minutes later (he hadn't moved since he told us about the party), we saw that he had been standing underneath a pink balloon all the time, just as if he was being haunted by an all-consuming and inescapable girl's party vibe.

No camera, and so - drawing.

I had a wide on.

This is a crop.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

00415 Headlight

he's going to LIVE!


but not really

i tried to steal a brain from the village nearby, but I kind of chickened out and it probably wouldn't have fitted anyway

meanwhile the queue for the boxes is growing:

Found Newsreader

patience, my pretties

surely no one actually talks like that

Friday, May 07, 2010

00414 L' M' UUUUT!

L' m' uuut'

'course he might have said something else. It's hard to hear when they're so tiny.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

00413 All shapes and sizes, but always two wheels

My baby

A recent surge of interest in cycling has been brewing in my shed and legs.

First of all there's this holiday to Jersey which makes me want to clean the steed:

Clean sprockets

There's nothing like silvery chains and sprokets to make you feel new again.

Then it's off for three (ish) days of cycling, CYCLING and fine wines (the upper case is for tall bike riders).

Tall bike

More beers than gears

Next up, the respray and leather goodies.

00412 Paper

That sinking feeling:


It's only a matter of time before you're going to have to ask "What would McGyver do?"

00411 Track it

Make is running an article calling for readers of their blog to chime in with what things they are tracking and how.
Naturally it immediately makes me think "what can I make to help me track stuff?". And so begins another loose end waiting to be tied up. I've got some really cheap seven segment displays arriving in the post today, I've got microprocessors hanging around. The world is my data filled oyster, waiting to be analysed.

How awesome.

How terribly geek.