Friday, November 29, 2013

00664 SPOTY

For reasons best known to themselves, work asked me to make a replica of the Sports Personality of the Year Award trophy for thier annual conference. Like you do.

I said "Yes" before asking about any of the details, which is pretty much how I ended up getting married.

So this is how it ended up (although it would perhaps have been better if I'd taken time to photograph the end result properly):

SPOTY trophy

And this is how it got there (although technically, it was in a van):

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy

Strangely, twenty minutes later, someone else asked me to make trophies for an altogether different event. Mind you, I had heard that there was a trophy commissioning pandemic sweeping the land, so it was no great surprise.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

00663 More Learnings

Well, haven't I been busy.


And here's the proof:

So, if the Devil makes work for idle hands and I'm self employed (in my time off), does that make me, like, the Devil?


The combination of Autumnal winds and holidays have led to an upsurge in the frequency of the resurgence in KAPing. Madness is too small a word for it. Perhaps a longer word would be better. And maybe one with a different meaning.

First there was the mostly insane Fort Cloncque, Alderney:

Fort Clonque

Then Fort Tourgis, Alderney again:

The other fort

Then, more recently, Moonfleet Manor Hotel on the South Coast of England by Chesil Beach

Clearly, holidays bring out the KAPer in me. I should do it more often.