Sunday, February 09, 2014

00667 Creative Awards Trophies

So I got asked to make these trophies for work.

I suspect they wanted something made out of bits of junk, but I asked if I could get a little bit of funding for the materials and machine time to make them  using CNC stuff.

And they said "Yes".

Which was nice.

They originally wanted ten trophies, one for each category and then changed the brief so this post is all about the lead up to making the categorised versions.

I had this idea that the trophies should all be cylindrical, made from wood and glass and that each one should be a kind of stamp, so that, in the unlikely event that the winner should want to show off their award on paper (like on a cv, for instance), they could use it to stamp the trophy graphic onto paper. Also, the trophy was going to be used to "make itself" - on one end of the cylinder was to be the stamp and on the other would be a piece of paper stamped by the base, covered by glass in a sort of circular window.

So I ran some tests with a local firm who do laser cutting and got them to etch the stamps onto birch plywood. The idea was that the birch ply would form circular end caps, the base would be the stamp and the top would be a circle of ply with glass inset through which the print could be viewed.

And, yes, I did forget to mirror the stamp (duh). That's what test are for, I guess.


But of course, I ended up doing something completely different.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

00666 Mandala

Having the ill over Christmas meant staying in and just about managing to do  this:

But not having enough energy to post it.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

00665 Tower on a rock in a box

It was supposed to be a Secret Santa, but it just got waaaaay out of hand.

The documentation reads as follows:

Operation manual

Thank you for choosing or unwittingly receiving

Tower on a Rock

The box is made of reclaimed timber from a shed in Perelle
The glass is from a greenhouse behind the Fermain Tavern

The three pebbles are

from Petit Port




The instructions, such as they are, read like this:

The on/off switch is located at the back of the box. Switch down to turn on.
Once the box is turned on you can switch on the light by placing one of your fingers on each of the coins on the top of the box.
Two or more people can turn on the light by holding hands and forming a line. The people at either end of the line can then each place a finger from their free hand on one of the coins.
Note: any flesh contact will work, but always observe basic rules of hygiene and decency.
The box also works as a lamp, but because of the hasty nature in which it was assembled, it will only function for around 5 minutes at a time before the power regulator overheats and shuts itself down. To operate from mains power, plug the power supply into the socket on the back of the box and switch on the power supply. Then switch on the box.
Do not touch the coins when the power supply is connected as this will shorten the lifetime of the LED.
It is also recommended that the lamp should not be left on for extended periods of time as it's probably really dangerous to do so.
The box is battery operated and the battery can be replaced by removing the back plate. To access the battery, place your finger in the hole on the left hand side of the back plate and pull as if hinged near the switch. Replace the back plate using the same procedure in reverse.
Should the light begin to flicker, do not be alarmed. The voltage regulator is overheating and needs to cool down. Leave it for a while and it will go back to working normally.

Friday, November 29, 2013

00664 SPOTY

For reasons best known to themselves, work asked me to make a replica of the Sports Personality of the Year Award trophy for thier annual conference. Like you do.

I said "Yes" before asking about any of the details, which is pretty much how I ended up getting married.

So this is how it ended up (although it would perhaps have been better if I'd taken time to photograph the end result properly):

SPOTY trophy

And this is how it got there (although technically, it was in a van):

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy  SPOTY trophy

SPOTY trophy

Strangely, twenty minutes later, someone else asked me to make trophies for an altogether different event. Mind you, I had heard that there was a trophy commissioning pandemic sweeping the land, so it was no great surprise.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

00663 More Learnings

Well, haven't I been busy.


And here's the proof:

So, if the Devil makes work for idle hands and I'm self employed (in my time off), does that make me, like, the Devil?


The combination of Autumnal winds and holidays have led to an upsurge in the frequency of the resurgence in KAPing. Madness is too small a word for it. Perhaps a longer word would be better. And maybe one with a different meaning.

First there was the mostly insane Fort Cloncque, Alderney:

Fort Clonque

Then Fort Tourgis, Alderney again:

The other fort

Then, more recently, Moonfleet Manor Hotel on the South Coast of England by Chesil Beach

Clearly, holidays bring out the KAPer in me. I should do it more often. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

00661 Visualisations

Having recently been conceptually inducted into the probably soon to be formed Royal Society for Motion Graphics, I find myself no longer needing to make anything in the real world.
Some things move:

While others do not:
#c4d #aftereffects #thisisatest
That is all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

00660 Tiny boats are here again

Pettit Port Pooh Stick

Pettit Port Pooh Stick  Materials

In order to save time and money, new constructions are being scaled down.

Although, truthfully, it's more a time thing.

00659 KAP!

The Gopro has breathed life back into something that I though had gone by the by. Tiny kite, tiny rig, tiny camera.

 Lihou House

Lihou House

If I had massive pockets, I'd call it pocket sized - but then I could say the same of my car.

00658 From the deep

We all thought they would come from the skies, but we couldn't have been more wrong.

On the upside, they were made of air, which was nice.