Sunday, November 18, 2007

00233 Bighugelabs

There are only a couple of things worth using here, but I really like the DNA thing:

View my DNA at

The Random person link is a particularly good way to browse through Flickr members.

The only other thing (apart from their Flickr Widget) is the other thing is the on black feature. I might swap some of my image links for this in future. Here's one from a shot I took at Petit Port recently:

Tide lines

Friday, November 09, 2007

00232 Decoupage

So I'm still thinking about making this backgammon board and as soon as the stools are finished, I'll probably be able to crack on with it. The only issues I seem to be having with it are that I can't decide how to press on with the playing surface. I need to make a decision as to how I'm going to place the markings on the board.
One idea is using decoupage to stick bits of paper onto the surface. I'd then cover the surface of the board in a varnish or an epoxy coat. The only problem then is whether I varnish the surface before or after the board is assembled. If I use decoupage, the bits of paper will be raised from the flat of the playing surface and I really want it to be smooth, this means having to pour varnish on the surface and letting it set to give an even finish. Then, of course, I'd have to make sure the rebate in the frame is large enough to take the increased thickness of the board and I'd also be wondering how scratch resistant the surface would be.

Anyway here's a picture of some bits of magazine stuck to paper as an experiment:


Sunday, November 04, 2007

00231 Pumpkins

I was getting a little tired of the Halloween posting on the Make Blog, mainly because it reaches saturation point before Halloween. However, seeing as it's something the kids like doing as well as the adults, I can easily see the attraction of pumpkin carving. We used apples as well as pumpkins, just like we did about five years ago and I must get round to making some dedicated tools for apple carving, then it'd be soooo much easier. Even making something to take out the core to the same diameter as a tea light would be a major help.

Pumpkins and apples

Pumpkins and apples

The ones on the left are ours (just to illustrate the "cutting the skin, but not piercing the flesh" approach to carving the apples), on the right are the Foley/Bonner-Morgan's home-grown versions - very nice:

Pumpkins and apples Pumpkins