Friday, February 26, 2010

00396 Dude, what's in the box?

I've got alot of sparebots just sitting in margarine tubs and they're just dying to get into these (greenhouse) glass fronted boxes. But as per usual, with new creations comes new creative stimulus, so more keep appearing. Here's who's going in the boxes so far:



Aieeeeee! Mice!

If I can just find the right size ball bearing for Steve McQueen, I'll be away.

00395 Boxes, boxes, boxes

Been busy making boxes for 'bots:

light from the coins

The darlington pair touch-switch is working exceedingly well. There's now a couple of coins on the top of this box which switches on two LEDs inside when touched. Now all I have to worry about is the jail sentence when they find out I've soldered the Queen's head.

The wires are routed through a conduit drilled out of the walls of the box - it's so awesome, I can hardly believe how deeply I've embraced my inner geek.



Strange thing is that, because they're designed to be viewed in a box, they're not so good as images.

w.i.p. Lit 2p

soldering coins Platform

Battery compartment

Man I could get lost in these (if I could just perfect that shrinking ray)