Saturday, April 22, 2006

0157 Fullbore!

The first time since the summer of '89 and it was good.
A 48-4 at 300 followed by this 49-6 made me a very happy man after I'd figured out what the scores meant.
It did help that it was a sunny afternoon, although in my defense it was a new rifle and I hadn't done it for a bit.
The other club members were helpful to a fault as I've come to expect - what a nice bunch.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

00156 Slipways and slip ways

We had guests this last week, which was very good, but meant no blooging. So in summary, kitesurfing twice, second time gave me just enough to cruise on the 15. Shooting - smallbore season is over and I've yet to go out fullbore.
Finally, just went out for a proper low wind session on the Dopero which worked very well, although I still think there may be room for a minor bridal adjustment. Interesting things will come soon, I hope.

Oh yeah and I got to shoot the Lihou Slipway, although the light just faded as I lofted the camera - Still, not too too bad.

Monday, April 10, 2006

00155 Medal

Got this for best score in the 'B' team for the inter-insular between Jersey and Guernsey. Which we lost. Bummer.
Anyway it was over 15 yards and I managed a 98, 96, 99, 96 - obviously could've been more.
The final scores are here
Good day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

00153 Tractor factor

So, three things here:

Shootin', 97, 97, 98, 98 - just before the Jersey trip - can I keep it up? Probablynot (I think that works really well as one word).

Maxi Dopero, finished. Needs a tweak. Don't we all. Pictures to follow seeing as I can't be arsed to post up two images here (imagine my surprise when I saw the two images I posted up here).

KAP - it's a tractor init. D50 doing well. Damn gusty, mind.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

00152 Air n' high scores

Another kitesurf/shooting double yesterday.

Kitesurfing at Pembroke - superb. After so many gusty sessions in a SWerly, finally a nice constant NEerly. Got some good jumps in and a rotation - albeit unintentional. Also better speed control in overpowered situations and som nice little jumps off the waves. Just great.

Shooting - four cards at 15 yards gave me a 96, 96, 97, 99. What an improvement, especially with the Jersey inter-insular coming up. My only problem is consistency and I don't know if this upward trend is going to plateau or go down. Thursday's the last shoot before the competition, so we'll get an idea then. I have been told to expect a drop of about 8-10 points because of the different lighting conditions and the added stress. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

00151 Open vertical keel finished

At last. It was a real hoo-ha, just because of the amount of detail and the accuracy needed to make all the edges meet. Glad that's over.
Just the reinforcements and elastic, spar cutting and bridal making to go followed by the ubiquitous bag, of course.

00150 Pooh sticks at Richmond

Went to Richmond to fly the D50 from the Genki (in the absence of the soon-to-be-finished Maxi-Dopero). Not enough wind to get more than two meters off the ground as this tantalisingly sharp image shows.
So instead I whipped up a Pooh Stick with fifteen minutes to go until I had to leave. It's another rule I'll add to the growing list - time limited Pooh Stick making.

00149 D50 flies at Roquaine

And so it was, that the D50 went up smoothly and came down the same way. Beautiful day, reasonable subject, great results. Pin sharp and all the better for being heavier than the Optio, as it corrected itself faster after swinging off to the side.
Can't wait to try more.

Monday, April 03, 2006

00148 Maxi Dopero spar holder

Finished this small detail of the lower sail and tonight I've finally done the OVKs - man that was painful work - my back was killing me. Pictures to follow tomorrow.