Thursday, September 27, 2007

00225 Refinements

So I feel like I'm finally getting down to something that I might actually make:

Refined counter tray for Backgammon board

Pity that the pieces haven't arrived yet as they're the lynchpin for the whole shebang.
Still, the feedback I've been getting from Greybeard has echoed my thoughts about the counter tray, which is really the only detail worth pissing around with, apart from the outside of the box - but I'm pretty happy with that anyways.

I think I'll need a fairly comprehensive discussion about the choice of wood, but I'm looking forward to that. Roll on Monday ...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

00224 Nicey Dicey!

My dice have arrived! Hoorah. Now just got to wait for the pieces to come (sound of drumming fingers).


00223 Sketchup roundup

Just remembered that all (I think) of our sketchup images on Flickr are tagged and so here's the page of them. No reason, I just like reminiscing.

00222 Backgammon designs again

So I'm now having the usual problem of making too many designs for the board and the more I make the less I like them - Classic.

Here's the latest suggestion:

Revised Backgammon top

And here's an experiment with Youtube, which I might yet use more often if it doesn't piss me off too much:

And yes, I do know that it doesn't pause enough on the detail of the joints on the box lid.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

00221 Backgammon evening classes

So this will be my next project, a backgammon board or two:

Backgammon board top Backgammon board underside

I've got alot of ideas as to how to make one, but as yet I haven't actually made one, so here goes. Maybe I'll dip my toe in the instructables water with this one. We'll see how the first draft turns out.

Monday, September 03, 2007

00220 English Pooh Sticks

Did this one while we stopped on a walk through some gardens when we were in England for Meriel's folks' 50th wedding anniversary - name of gardens lost due to deteriorating memory.

Longleat Pooh Stick

And then later a bad shot on the pool (but with nice colours):

Fiery boat

00219 The Ladder Masters

The Ladder Masters
Originally uploaded by JohnSusan&Sofie.
And here is the view of our superb Tour spectating position from the other side of the road. Cakey was there and snapped this one.

We were made up.