Monday, April 16, 2007

00208 Spikey and the pine cone boat

Spikey & Maxi
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Got down to Petit Port on Sunday and scribbled out a quick one with the new small (children's) rake that I thought might work. I'm getting used to it and maybe if I extended the handle and shortened the spikes, it might be a worthy successor to the old favourite.

I also managed a Pooh Stick Boat at Helen and Richard's place. Three hulls and a pine cone - pity the light wasn't up to much:

Pine cone boat

Friday, April 13, 2007

00207 One last cup

So it would seem that the last of the non handicap cups has fallen to me for the small bore season. I was in a three-way tie shoot-out with Dave Allen and Ron Le Prevost. Fortune smiled on me and I won with a 98, versus the other two's 96 and 95.

It has to be said that in the inter insular I got a 98, 94, 96, 100 and to be honest, I'd rather ditch a cup in the individual for a better performance in a team event.

Also, so that it stands noted, the Guernsey 'B' Team for the Hampshire League, of which I was one of five, were the victors. So I guess that that would be the best win of the season, being a team shoot.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

00206 Flames

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At Petit Port again. I'll definately be doing more here - there are loads of high rocks from which to get a good vantage point over the work.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

00205 Celandine boat

Celandine boat
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Quite pleased with this one, as it goes. Quite often the ones that take five minutes to make are the most satisfying. The trick in this case was to get the weak flower stem to stand up straight, but as it happens it was quite easy. You just get a stick slightly wider than the inside of the (hollow) stem and stick that in the hull, then thread the stem over it - voila.

00204 Hatch

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The eggs are back and this time they're hatching.

Half an hour or so at Petit Port and as usual, I could have done with an hour to get it just right. The difference this time was that I got to make three, so I'm trying out the "missing egg" thing. The jury's out for me on this one. I though multiple eggs would be a winner, but I'm not so sure Publishnow.