Sunday, November 30, 2008

00310 Spike


Well I was thinking that the initial response to the "9V tragedy" was all that was going to happen there, then this Spanish technology blog posted it up and voila! Lots of hits. Over 20,000 is alot for my photostream.

00309 Shot


Muzzle Sight

So we (the Guernsey Smallbore club) were in Jersey this weekend for the annual match against the Jersey lot. I shot pants (I'm using "pants" as a verb here).

93, 98, 96, 95, 95, 95, 95, 98. Now we all though that the markers were a bit tight, but everybody was marked to the same degree of tightness, so there's no complaints there. End of the day, if it 'ain't in the middle, it 'ain't in the middle.

Did I say we lost? No? well maybe I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, here's the scores

Good for some Not so winning
Scores Winning

And for no other reason that "I can", a selection of signs from the weekend:

Dogs and shooting St Lawrence

The hotel Don't

And, naturally, other stuff:

Waiting Simon's Geminii

Rifles Rifles Range

It was, however,a good weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Plus, on a trivial note, I got to take a picture of my rifle. I'm not a big "gun head" and I generally see it as a means to an end, but it would seem a shame not to have at least one or two images of it, seeing as it forms part of my life. I've always been of the opinion that guns are very functional things and even though I can appreciate their aesthetic, I'm much more interested in the therapeutic and generally psychological effects of target shooting and how very closely it is allied with things of a meditative nature. Not to mention the respect you have to treat these weapons with to use them safely and properly.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

00308 Light in a tent

Simon brought round his light tenty thingamyjig. It's nice. It's like having a macro studio that fits into your bag and then pops up when you want to use it.

I forgot to take any pictures of the slow gin bottle and my hip flask, so I'll nick his when he posts them up.

But I did take picures of the origami stars I've been making as part of a £3 secret Santa. They're so compulsive to make:

Paper stars Paper stars

But we did get to take pictures of Meriel's neclace that she made with this crazy PMC (precious metal clay) stuff - just add heat and it turns into silver. Real silver. We're rich mwahahahahahahahaha!

Meriel's PMC neclace

Sunday, November 23, 2008

00307 I stepped in a solder


Just can't stop the Lomo.

From the sparebots set.

I don't really know if there's any more mileage in this, but things have a funny way of returning if you just put them to the back of your memory for times when you are more inspired.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

00306 Straight



00305 Lihou from the kite

Went to Lihou with Kev with the intention of KAPing - his idea, good one too.

Overcast weather. I'm normally thinking, flat light sucks, but since doing the Strobist thing, now I'm thinking that it's just a different kind of light.

Anyway Kev took two gazillion images, give or take. I stuck with 239, it's a nice round number and it reminds me of the time when something or other happened to me involving the number 239 (a story which I often dine out on).

Here's some from the day:


Lihou Diagonal Ruin

The house is the one that I was going for, but I like stone walls and I can't seen to stop photoshopping and vignetting. It's an infection I picked up from Flickr, I'm sure of it.

Kev's stuff is here and my my, isn't there alot of it.

Also I started looking at page views and stuff every day since the "9V tradgedy" started getting loads of hits. Look:


Man, I love statistics. I keep thinking that I'll start collecting data from some part of my life and then analyse it. The other part of me tells me to make another blurb book, something nice to put in the loo.

Friday, November 07, 2008

00304 Dribble while you work

Unless dribbling is your work.

15 Minutes, that's all I had before I had to pick up the kids from school. They all thought I was crazy, they said it couldn't be done.

But they were wrong.

(although perhaps the main reason for this is because they don't exist)

So I did it

And then I knew that perhaps it shouldn't have been done, because I was late.

00303 Made and Boinged

9V Tragedy is in Make and BoingBoing. I'm just so glad that someone has been able to highlight the plight of these usually ignored catastrophes.

I'm sorry ... I ... don't think I can write any more ... (sniff)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

00302 Sparebits = sparebots = nosparetime

Oh no! I seem to be slipping inexorably towards a place where I'll be making junk for no discernable reason for the rest of my life!

I must not make useless objects from things I find lying around.
I must not make useless objects from things I find lying around.
I must not make useless objects from things I find lying around.
I must not make useless objects from things I find lying around.
I must not make useless objects from things I find lying around.


9V tragedy


At least I'm not on my own, I can see someone else doing it too ...

Fiddly Operating


00301 Sparebots

So me and Meriel got the electronics stuff out and stuck some of the bits together. Needless to say it all got a bit out of hand:


Stretch Bar



Tamer It's a

Truth be told I had this macro rig set up (like I went to alot of trouble to stick two pieces of paper together) and it was just looking for something to put in there. I saw something similar on the Make blog, but after searching for hours for it I gave up and just got the bits out.

No, not those bits.