Sunday, April 28, 2013

00650 Steampunk Arc Reactor finished

I've finished the random present making for a work colleague.

Steampunk Arc Reactor

Turn it on and the red LED's light, then pick it up with the side handles and the central window is lit with white Power LEDs.

Once the Power LEDs are lit you can jump from tall buildings, but only once.

 Steampunk Arc Reactor

   Steampunk Arc Reactor  Steampunk Arc Reactor

Saturday, April 13, 2013

00649 Pooh stick spring

It's a sure sign that summer is on it's way when I find myself at the shipyard.

Construction of pooh sticks has always been a predominantly fair-weather business.

Petit Port Pooh Sticks

Petit Port Pooh Stick  Petit Port Pooh Stick

It is also a sure sign that summer is not here, when they are launched in a pool and not the sea.

BTFW, I am still currently out of the office.

00648 Arc reactor update 1

So I'm 80% through the construction and am just waiting for a new radial drill, as you do.

Work on the limitless power has reached a standstill. I just can't seem to get past weaning myself off batteries and onto fusion (or is it fission?).

Hand drawn PCB

Breadboard circuit Pipes and circuit diagram

The bolts are aged by sticking them in acid and peroxide and chucking in a piece of copper tubing. Jury's out as to whether I should copper plate them first and then give them an acid wash, or just throw all the chemicals and metals in together.

I consulted a man who nearly finished his chemistry PhD and he said that he hadn't done chemistry for so long that he really couldn't remember.

So that went well, I thought.Experts, eh?

Friday, April 12, 2013

00647 Pooh stick in the horse trough

There's a walk I do along the cliffs.

I'm in the habit of making a small boat to put in the horse trough half way along the route.

Horse trough pooh stick

Horse trough pooh stick

It usually makes me late.

00646 Paper Panzer

When on holiday it is sometimes wise to disguise one's boredom and find activities which distract, but do not draw attention to your restlessness.

DO NOT, repeat NOT, make paper tanks.

If you feel compelled to do so and there is no other recourse, ensure that they are small, so as not to attract unwanted attention.

Please find below a maximum size reference: 

Paper tank 

That is all.

00645 Arc reactor

Following the Trophy debacle, I've been asked to make an arc reactor for a guy at work. I'm going for the steam punk angle, but I'm a little concerned about his reaction when he learns that it can't produce limitless energy and actually runs off 4xAAs.

Arc reactor 

Arc reactor 

Arc reactor

00644 Tower on a rock/model on a stone

I've decided to downscale and am considering this property. Great views, needs a bit of work and it's slightly smaller than I'm used to. But hey.

Tower on a rock