Saturday, April 13, 2013

00648 Arc reactor update 1

So I'm 80% through the construction and am just waiting for a new radial drill, as you do.

Work on the limitless power has reached a standstill. I just can't seem to get past weaning myself off batteries and onto fusion (or is it fission?).

Hand drawn PCB

Breadboard circuit Pipes and circuit diagram

The bolts are aged by sticking them in acid and peroxide and chucking in a piece of copper tubing. Jury's out as to whether I should copper plate them first and then give them an acid wash, or just throw all the chemicals and metals in together.

I consulted a man who nearly finished his chemistry PhD and he said that he hadn't done chemistry for so long that he really couldn't remember.

So that went well, I thought.Experts, eh?

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