Thursday, June 29, 2006

00172 A magazine comes calling

I got a Flickrmail from Andrea Ferrer about printing some rake art in a new magazine called "Pretty Fcuking Good Magazine", which I guess can't be bad. We'll see how it pans out. What I really need is to do some more stuff. I've got a couple of ideas, but it's a worrying thing that if you plan too much with these things, they never turn out as nice as the thing you planned. It seems that it's usually best to just go out there and do it spontaneously.

00171 Richmond slipway again

Just wanted to test out the new camera against the old by comparing like subjects. Well, it's miles better. It would have been nice at some other time of day (in the evening maybe), but it still works quite well. The other image (taken in November last year) is here.

Monday, June 26, 2006

00170 Rake art in third blog shocka

The rake art set has appeared in another blog, this time its Lost art. Cool

00169 The Channel Island Championship

Having qualified to shoot in this individual event, we spent the weekend shooting. 300, 500 and 600 yards on Saturday in Guernsey and then off on the evening ferry to spend the night in the Jersey clubhouse, after which we shot at 900 and 1000 yards.
Did reasonably well, especially considering I'd never even seen a 900/1000 yard range - man, those targets are hard to see that far out, it's no wonder so many people fired on the wrong targets.
The team event (which I wasn't in, thankfully) was Jerseys win. Now, I have dropped ten points out of 50 on a very, very bad day. They dropped ten points out of 1200. Not bad. Bet they were smug about that.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

00167 Whispy

Got out on Friday to do some rake stuff. QUite like this one, but I'm sure that the larger the image, the more whispy and uninteresting it will become. Also the larger the piece, the more time it takes and that is something I never have enough of to complete these things.
Caroline saw the kite on the beach and came over with the kids, so she and Jack are in the middle of this one.
I got a response from Geoff Manaugh, who runs BldgBlog, a lovely blog dealing in architecture in all it's forms and interpretaions. He's posted up a very flattering entry about the rake art and was good enough to ask permission to publish the images.
He in turn, apparently found the images through another blog by the name of Spy's Spice. Here's the article.

In other news, the shooting started really badly with a 31-1, but after a few words of friendly advice about butt placement (fnarrr), I turned up a 35-4 and a respecatble 33-4. Hope it picks up for the Jersey match next week. Signs are good.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

00166 New kite and scope

So I'm now nearing the end of my quest for shooting equipment and all I'm missing is the rifle - but I'm really not into getting one of those right now (I wouldn't want to keep it in the house anyway). Dave Jory sold me an old bashed up scope for spotting and it does the job very nicely. I shot last Saturday and came up with a 46-2 and a 47-4. I've got one more week before we go to Jersey, so I think improvement would be a good thing.
On the other hand I'm selling my Strike 2s and hopefully getting an 11 meter Ozone Instinct. It's anew bow kite and so far it's been raved about. Now I just have to hope that Ebay comes up trumps on the selling front.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

00165 Two things (one of them a thingy)

Covering two (or perhaps even three) of the obsessions I currently entertain:

1. Rakeart - Grande Roques. I was walking down the beach with a rake, headding for the nice flat featureless sand further down the beach and decided to stop on the way to try out a couple of things. Naturally I didn't get any further and ended up drawing the compass thingy (I've got to find a more suitable name for these ... thingys. See, that also brought the KAP into it. The Maxi Dopero was flying like a dream, so it seemed rude not to capture a few shots from the air. The fact that I roped Meriel and Cara into the shot was just a bonus.
Really pleased with this one, but I think things are going to get better. It's all down to confidence with the rake, and that's going to come from practice.

2. Shooting - Fort le Marchant. Up and down today. 32, 35, 32. So 99 out of a possible 105. I just couldn't seem to get them in, although they were all really, really close. I'll take some advice and improve.