Sunday, June 18, 2006

00167 Whispy

Got out on Friday to do some rake stuff. QUite like this one, but I'm sure that the larger the image, the more whispy and uninteresting it will become. Also the larger the piece, the more time it takes and that is something I never have enough of to complete these things.
Caroline saw the kite on the beach and came over with the kids, so she and Jack are in the middle of this one.
I got a response from Geoff Manaugh, who runs BldgBlog, a lovely blog dealing in architecture in all it's forms and interpretaions. He's posted up a very flattering entry about the rake art and was good enough to ask permission to publish the images.
He in turn, apparently found the images through another blog by the name of Spy's Spice. Here's the article.

In other news, the shooting started really badly with a 31-1, but after a few words of friendly advice about butt placement (fnarrr), I turned up a 35-4 and a respecatble 33-4. Hope it picks up for the Jersey match next week. Signs are good.


  1. Hi Lenny, I posted your excellent pictures in Spy's Spice. Please let me know if you have a problem with this. I tend to assume that it is ok because my blog is not for profit and all pictures are attributed to the author. If you mind drop me a line and I will remove them.


  2. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Hello Lenny,

    Congratulations on your incredible work. I'd love to link to your flickr rake set and would like to use one image to illustrate my post on our ad-free, personal webiste:

    link will be here:

    cheers from brazil,

    Ignacio and Louise