Monday, February 28, 2005

00012 We didn't buy the farm

We bought this instead, or rather we've nearly bought it, com March 10th either it'll be ours or we'll have someone give us 50 Gs and you'll find us drunk in the gutter.

More pics are at the New House link on the right

It simply can't go on.

00011 Snow on Vazon

Snow on Vazon
Snow on Vazon,
originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
It snowed overnight and Meriel ran out to take these pictures. Nice

Won't last.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

00010 KAP

Grandes Roques, originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
KAP - photos from a kite, next to pooh sticks this appears to be a similarly trivial use of what could otherwise be valuable time. On closer inspection this is not simply a waste of time, oh no, this is something far more sinister - it's a real life sucker, not just for me but for anyone I speak to at a cocktail party.

The end is probably in site ... any minute now...

00009 Pooh sticks

Grecian Pooh Stick,
originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.

I must remember to look through a Thesaurus for a word that means something like "time spent in the pursuit of something that seems to hold meaning, but turns out to be trivial in the extreme". If there is no word then surely it is just waiting to be discovered in order to desctibe the pasttime of making small boats from flotsam.
Note to self: must check the Meaning of Liff.

Can't be long now. No more than a week, surely.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

00008 Kites part one

Part one, because I can barely begin to imagine the scale of the post which would encapsulate all my kite stuff.

Split up into chunks there's:
Kite building in all its multifarious manifestations - eg Peter's plan site.
Kite surfing, which encapsulates all sorts of traction kiting - it all starts for me at Kiteboarder.
KAPping, aerial photography - cheaper than buying a helicopter. Begins with the one, the only Chris Benton. If you see nothing else, see his album on
Kite-type stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories (e.g RC sailcars - although they could have made the picture a a little more dynamic, like they do in videos).

If you can't wear the anorak, leave it in the kitchen.

Really, this can't go on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

00007 Could you pass me my bag?

Several years ago we were travelling on a plane from somewhere to another place. On landing & taxying to a standstill, I found myself standing next to a lady who was both older than me and considerably shorter. I offered to retrieve her bag from the overhead locker and she accepted with a smile. As I was pulling the bag from the locker I looked down at her and grinning, I asked her if there was anything fragile inside the bag.
"Only my glass unicorn", she replied, stoney-faced.
Mmmmm, could have been worse, I suppose. Could've been a glass spider's web.
In her position I would have asked anyone touching my bag to read and sign an elaborate set of terms and conditions relating to bag retrieval.

I give it two weeks, tops.

Monday, February 21, 2005

00006 Snippets

A random selection of snippets taken from the same page of what was probably the Guardian many years ago. The only reason I have these is that I was experimenting with OCR software - I think I ended up typing over a vast array of misrecognised characters (and, yes, I will be claiming "misrecognised" as a word of my own discovery):

Beers to the future
Members of a social club in Workington, Cumbria, have promised free drinks ... for life to a lOO-year-old man who has been a regular there for 60 years. News and Star

Disguise a liability
A laboratory technician sacked for wearing a wig, painted moustache and fake plastic breasts while working with dangerous radioactive chemicals at a company in Cardiff is claiming unfair dismissal.

And as a bonus, a memory I have of an article from the Guardian years earlier, where burglars, were disturbed during the course of their felony by the owner of the property. The owner was manhandled to the ground whereupon his feet were nailed to the floor to prevent him from reaching the phone and calling the police.

Oh, and before I forget, do yourself a favour, go and visit Konstructor. Thanks for sucking away yeat another hour of my life, Richard.

The likelihood of this lasting is diminishing as time progresses.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

00005 Fridge magnet fluff

Another list, this time a home-made one taken from our fridge.

You don't want to be continuously monitoring the fridge to catch new material, but once in a while it's nice to get a snapshot:

• The crying girl lives on TV
She thinks if she stares
The sad will stop

• Lust after lovely smooth sausage
But always shake & heave

• Like not my luscious apparatus

• Produce chocolate acheingly

• I sit on his tiny rusty sausage crusher

• Death is the butt of life

• My car is & I am ( from George - a man who loves his car)

• Why boil peaches

• Eternity with still music is an easy gift for our delicate friend

• Ask them to cook summer puppy and mad feet honey

• True need is smell

• Rain is pink water

How terribly profound. Also interesting to note that noone seems to be able to use the word "sausage" to create anything other than a excerpt from a "Carry On" script.

Finally, please someone code a fridge magnet poetry application which will take text from the clipboard and divvy it up into draggable words and then save both sets of words and the poetry as workspaces. Well don't look at me, I'm not going to do it.

I still don't expect this will last.

00004 Cody's list

Today's list is what I will hilariously refer to as my Guest List. Its from someone called Cody Clark and is the result of painstaking research into list on the web. I took the pains for about ten seconds - what do you expect?

The page headder is beautifully simple - "I like to make lists"

My personal favourites are the lists entitled "Women I've Dated" (especially the first one) and "Magazines I No Longer Take" (which aptly illustrates the occasional pointlessness of listmaking)

I don't expect this will last.

00003 The inevitable favourites (sequel to the usual suspects)

In keeping with the way I do new things with an enthusiastic frequncy that quickly wanes, here is a new post five minutes after the last.

Here's a personal list of links I visit frequently, it's what I refer to as my "Check List":

BBC SPORT -Cycling
Comments on Kite Aerial Photography
Digital Camera Reviews
KiteAerialPhotography the internet-portal to KAP
PC - GameSpot
Richard Banks - personal blog
My Ebay - no, you can't have a look

It's in no particular order.

I don't expect this will last.

00002 Names that sound a bit like food

Let's start, shall we.

It seems that I have alot of lists (not all my own) so why not?

Thought I'd start with a good one from the master of lists, Danny Baker. It's a favourite of mine and it is, of course, the list of people who's names sound a bit like food:

Gordon Zola
Russell Sprout
Kate & Sidney Pie
O. B. Jing
Mr. Tom O'Marto
Mr. Appleton married in Eastern Europe, his wife's new name was Mrs. Appletonova
Chris P. Bacon
The Reverend Canaan Banana
Mr. O-ni-ons
Phyllida Cod
Mr. Fish, Mr. Fry and Mr. Gill

Dave Allen writes:
Thought you might like to know about a couple of people who I work with in a well known Supermarket chain. Behind the fish counter we have a guy rejoicing in the name of Mr Alex Herring (A Herring!) and are looking to transfer another member of staff named Mr Bass !!

Emma Crowhurst writes:
Mr and Mrs Apple, named their daughters 'Etta' and 'Cora'.


I don't expect this will last

00001 Early, man

Its 5:04 am and I woke up half an hour ago knowing that I couldn't go back to sleep.

Started surfing, arrived at Blog and thought I should start - it's been on my mind for a while.

I wonder what will happen?

As you can see I've placed one of those computer-friendly numbers as the title for the post as if this'll go on for 99,999 posts, but in the interests of not disapointing myself I've decided to end every post by saying "I don't expect this will last". So here goes:

I don't expect this will last.