Saturday, July 25, 2009

00371 Break fail

You said 15 yards

No, I said 50


Break fail

Nice doggie

00370 Vitruvian



00369 Health and safety

So I said, "I'm going to the shops. Be about an hour. You OK up there?"

"Sure" he said.

Divot, can't climb ladders for toffee:


00368 He of the long mast

... is not always the king of the stick boat.

It looked really good under construction in the Jethou dockyards, but even with a sizeable keel and a thin sail, it still sailed like a drunk with rickets, so we had to de-mast it:

Jethou pooh stick

Jethou pooh stick Jethou pooh stick

Still sailing now, as far as we know.

00367 Wallets

Did I say I made my own wallets?

I make my own wallets. The one on the right is about a year and a half old. Now I've got a new one.


I reckon it's about 40-50 pence per wallet. Nice that it costs less than the money inside it. With how little I usually keep in there it never morked that way in the past.

They come from this instructable. It just can't be beaten.

Monday, July 06, 2009

00366 Herm, trough, Moulin Huet, I pooh stick them all

And if you came round here uninvited, I'd pooh stick you too.

Try me.

I'll do it.

Herm pooh stick Horse trough pooh stick
Petit Port pooh stick Herm pooh stick

All floaters. Just like life.

00365 KAP!!!!!

You betcha.

I never really left, you know:


Mr Fury's boat

I have to go back and thank Tom for being such a willing model.

Or poser.

I'm not sure which yet.