Tuesday, June 24, 2008

00273 After-brunch Pooh Sticks

After a spot of brunch at the Booths, I like to wander down to Moulin Huet and build pointless boats from flotsam. I do it all the time you know:

Moulin Huet pooh stick Moulin Huet pooh stick

The single hulled one won (wone).

Friday, June 20, 2008

00272 Sequence of destruction

Here's the rakeart on it's way to becoming obliterated by the incoming tide. Lucky I had enough images left on the memory card to capture this much:

Vazon Rakeart

and here's one of the photographer/flyer:

Vazon Rakeart

00271 Taking to the rake once more

Went down to Vazon to kitesurf, but the conditions were too marginal. Lucky for me I always carry a set of rakes in the car. What kind of a person am I turning into? Scary perhaps.

Vazon Rakeart Vazon Rakeart Vazon Rakeart

Vazon Rakeart

It turned out quite well, especially considering that it was relatively large, backbreaking work and the tide was coming in really fast. I'll have a string of images of the tide coming in soon - it looks quite cool, i'll post it up next. It was a real rush to get it finished, then rig up the kite and then get the camera on it in time.

The video definitely needed to be set on a pole (or higher up at least):

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

00270 Living area tables ready to be made

Well, maybe.

Here's the animation from sketchup of the final design before I go to the joiners to get it costed up:

The idea of these is that they sit together along a wall in the living room so we can make stuff on them. Then when we have alot of people around, they fit together to make a big square table with no legs in the middle.

I'd make it myself, but for flawless joinery you either need too much time or loads of expensive machinery and you can't beat a good joinery finish.

Top in MDF (stained dark, probably almost black), legs in beech.

Friday, June 13, 2008

00269 KAPing again - in Herm

Really glad I took the gear to Herm, if only because the winds were so constant and perfect for the flowform that it made it a pleasure to fly.

Not the most fascinating subjects, but I thought it'd be good to get some shots of the boats for the owners:

Boat and veins Dan and Lucy's RIB

Si and Mel's RIB


Thomas & Cara

Always good for the confidence, getting the camera over the water.

Friday, June 06, 2008

00268 Make

The eggs, the pooh sticks, the rake art, the KAP group and the robot that will one day draw in sand have now all appeared in the MAKE blog. I so love their magazine, what a nice vibe to think we are all singing from the same made-up hymn sheet.

Next up will be trying to trigger a Nikon D50 from a PICAXE chip - harder than it looks, as I'm finding out. The result will be (hopefully), some really neat time-lapse photography and possibly even the burst KAP rig (where the camera takes a sequence of images really quickly when I press a button). The collest thing about the time-lapse thing and the PICAXE could be the possibility of having a tracking panning camera doing fully moving time-lapse - a sort of time-lapse motion control. Come to think of it, repeated time lapse moves would look really neat running next to each other.

BTW, I found a couple of old eggs that I hadn't posted:

I am an egg stealer Hole holder

Although technically speaking there is no egg in the last one.