Friday, June 06, 2008

00268 Make

The eggs, the pooh sticks, the rake art, the KAP group and the robot that will one day draw in sand have now all appeared in the MAKE blog. I so love their magazine, what a nice vibe to think we are all singing from the same made-up hymn sheet.

Next up will be trying to trigger a Nikon D50 from a PICAXE chip - harder than it looks, as I'm finding out. The result will be (hopefully), some really neat time-lapse photography and possibly even the burst KAP rig (where the camera takes a sequence of images really quickly when I press a button). The collest thing about the time-lapse thing and the PICAXE could be the possibility of having a tracking panning camera doing fully moving time-lapse - a sort of time-lapse motion control. Come to think of it, repeated time lapse moves would look really neat running next to each other.

BTW, I found a couple of old eggs that I hadn't posted:

I am an egg stealer Hole holder

Although technically speaking there is no egg in the last one.

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