Tuesday, June 24, 2008

00273 After-brunch Pooh Sticks

After a spot of brunch at the Booths, I like to wander down to Moulin Huet and build pointless boats from flotsam. I do it all the time you know:

Moulin Huet pooh stick Moulin Huet pooh stick

The single hulled one won (wone).


  1. Just back from my first visit to Guernsey and as usual I return and research where I've just been and always find places I should have visited, note to self: must do this before I travel. Anyway Googled Moulin Huet and your blog was listed. Just to say like your stuff, like your island(must return within next few weeks). Keep up the good stuff. Q-do you take a drill to the beach to make your pooh stick boats?

  2. Thanks, Simon. Guernsey's the place alright. Hope you get to come back.
    No Drills, just a leatherman squirt - the most awesome tool in the world.