Monday, August 24, 2009

00376 Stick on!

Summer has brought with it a massive pooh stick revival.

The sun's out which means we've been heading to the beach alot, swimming, making sand castles and did I mention pooh sticks?
(Well, a good friend informs me that it does if you throw it hard enough)

Marble bay pooh sticks Armada

Lihou slipway pooh stick

Lihou slipway pooh stick Lihou slipway pooh stick Lihou slipway pooh stick

See how it's running wild and unchecked?

It's like a virus. Made out of sticks.

Monday, August 17, 2009

00375 Closer

So I finally got the whole "turn your lens round and it's a macro" thing. Apparently all you have to do is to turn your lens around, and its a macro!

I just get smarter all the time.



I made a set of them so I'll never forget the moment it dawned on me.

Watch me next time when I unravel the mystery that is "turn on the lights and you can see stuff better".

Sunday, August 09, 2009

00374 Holga

Aieeeeeee. I've been Flickring too much and accidentally bought a Holga from Ebay.

"A plastic lensed camera" you say?

"Yes", I say.

"Pish and tosh", says you.

"Indeed", says I, " I thrive on pish and maintain an extensive sellar stocked only with the finest tosh".

00373 They won't stop!

Make them go away. They sit in pieces waiting to throw themselves into my idle hands and crush my time into nothingness.

Look, see what they made me do:

mini plane

Moulin Huet pooh sticks Moulin Huet pooh stick Moulin Huet pooh stick

Shiny pooh stick

The ELPS Petit Port pooh sticks

I'll be ready for them next time. Maybe a good book or sumthing would do it.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

00372 Stickmania

- pooh variety

They're taking over.

They're taking over fifteen minutes of my time whenever I see sticks on a beach.

I need to branch out.

Marble Bay pooh stick

Pooh sticks in a pool Pooh stick in a pool

Pooh sticks in a pool

Marble bay pooh stick Marble bay pooh stick