Friday, December 28, 2007

00235 Bumf

I don't really have anywhere else to post these and even if they are of no use to anyone, they should still be allowed to the see the light of day (or the light of room). They're both from our recent trip to London:

Monitor monitoring

You have to look more closely at this one, or at least I did until Meriel pointed it out (and that's when I got the camera out):


Saturday, December 08, 2007

00234 Stool progress

No not an update on my constipation, but the images of the stool seat. I've got this leftover oak from the shelves in the house and they've been cut down and biscuit jointed together to make a large enough surface for a seat. Then I've laminated the leftover reclaimed French railway oak from the living room floor to each biscuit jointed seat and compressed it like so:

Laminating the bar stool seat

Then, once dry, Dave, the woodwork supervisor has set me up with this rig for routing out circular shapes and voila, circular seats:

Stool seat Stool seat

Bar stool seat in progress

Next up, it's putting a curve on the edge of the seat and beveling the legs and then treating them and screwing them on. Probably take the rest of the year and that backgammon board isn't going to make itself.