Thursday, September 29, 2005

00078 Boardy boardy

This is the F-one directional board that I got from Carl for a song (I'm really good at singing). Apparently I'll be able to get upwind really easily in the right conditions and it'll let me go out in lighter wind days when my other board would hold me back.

Oh yeah, I'll believe all that when I see it.

Incidentally I didn't get the kids with it, I already had those.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

00077 Windy 15

Tuesday, wrote Mr Lenfestey, I took advantage of the fine weather and travelled to Ladies Bay once again. I hoisted the 15 meter and proceeded to gain upwind ground taking me up and over the sand spit between the two bays. It got really windy after a couple of hours, so I pulled in the trim strap and just hung on in the high gusts - Mike reckoned it got up to 25 kts, which is alot for the 15.
I also found that if I need to get upwind to get some distance between me and the shore, I can hold the board against the force of the kite and edge really well to get me out and away from the beach, then I get a really good run and a better chance of getting upwind while surfing.
Got beasted several times and am very achy as a result.
Used Griff's waist harness, which wasn't as much of a revelation as I wanted it to be, but hey.
All in all it was an exceedingly good day.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

00076 Pics

Here they are

00075 Frantic Kitesurfing

After taking the kids to a party, shopping, cooking & cleaning, Mum came round to look after the kids for a couple of hours so that I could go out kitesurfing - what a diamond.
Started out really sketchy, which seems to be par for the course in my case. I was on the 11m, whereas everyone else seemed to be on 14s, so I had to work the kite alot to get around. After a while, though, the wind picked up and I was powered up and staying upwind quite well. There's definately some tuning to be done and it's not all fine, but the outlook is good. I did get beaten up a bit and dragged around, but mostly it wasn't too bad. One thing's for sure, when the wind's right, I can really get going. So now all I need is to hang around on the beach 24/7 and wait for the weather (like that's ever going to happen).
Simon (carrot) was there with his camera, so with any luck I'll have more photos to post later.

00074 Mauricio Pro

My board
So I bought this board of Chris Carter quite a while ago, but forgot to blog it. It's a Wipika Mauricio Pro, 130cm long and seems to suit me down to the ground, I like the graphics too (not that I concern myself with the aesthetics of something I barely notice when I'm clinging on to a large kite for dear life).
This is also one of the first images from my cameraphone wot I got for free. I'm trying to suss out how to blog direct to here without going through Flickr - that way I can fill up my blog with really useless crap (not like the really classy, solid gold, Pulitzer Prize winning stuff I've been ratlling off 'till now).

00073 Upwind

So in a force 4 on Friday 24th September I got upwind on about 6-7 tacks. There are a series of buoys set about 10 yds apart which I watched as I tacked Port & Staboard. When I started I was upwind of the first (nearest the beach), when I ended the run (wind died) I was upwind of the second. All I need now is a decent wind, a bit of time and I'll be cruising upwind and out into the bay, wherupon I will be boosting like there is no tomorrow.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

00072 Strike three

So this is just cathing up for me, but went kiteboarding 3 days out of 4 (which is unbelievable). 14th, 15th and 17th (Wed, Thurs, Sat). First two days were gusty, with the second giving me a taste of overpower and waves - the waves were awesome, the overpowered surfing was OK, bu tthe luls in between the gusts were pants.
The last day (Saturday) was very low wind, so I messed about with the kite (15m) and Griff let me have a go on his (ex Dan Harradine) 18m Amp with his Bic board (basically a surf board with straps) - what a great kite, but I can see it would be a handfull when ovepowered. As Griff was saying, you can go in next to no wind and still get a decent ride. First time with a high aspect kite too. Not as scary as I thought.

00071 Waking it up

So this was quite a while ago, but sound nonetheless. The full thing is on our family blog.
Basically Meriel came wakeboarding and love it. And I'm still loving it. We all love it. It's lovely.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

00070 My new swimming pool

And it's free.

In an effort to kickstart some sort of excercise program, I'm going to try out Swimming from here to the next bay and back every Sunday. I've got the wetsuits from kitesurfing, so I might even be able to do it year round.
Silly idea? Only time will tell.

I could have picked a better day to start, what with the screaming hangover and all, but the egg & bacon sarnie helped a little, not to mention the massive shock to the system that plunging into cold sea water gives you.

Surprised I din't have some sort of multiple organ shutdown. Still, the day is young ...

00069 Sarnie!

We went out to the Rockmount last night and came back a little the worse for wear.
This morning I was saved by this sarnie.
Without it my wife would be a widow and my children fatherless.
They say we are no longer as spiritual as our forefathers, but I disagree.
This was truly a religious experience.

Friday, September 02, 2005

00068 Wakey, wakey

Wakeboarding again last night with Dan and Carrot. Much more success than last time (although not too surprising as that was also the first time). I got straight up every time with no problem and managed almost a full circuit. I can really see how a flat, calm day with water like glass would be something to look forward to.

Oh, but of course with the staying up thing comes the going faster thing and with the going faster thing comes the falling off faster thing and with the falling off faster thing comes the concept of "water as a solid". I landed really heavily a couple of times, really heard the bells ringing there. Still children have turned my brain to jelly, so no harm done, it just swills around in my skull like any other inert substance.