Saturday, August 11, 2007

00218 Mini egg

As an experiment I did this little egg at Petit Port, but to be honest, it's as much work as a large one. However I did get round to sorting out the finishing a bit better - instead of flattening the sand around the egg, I've started doing a swirly, cyclonic pattern, it works much better:

Small egg

And here, for comparison are mine, Meriel's and Jonah's:

Small egg Meriel's egg Jonah's egg

In all fairness to Jonah, he hadn't quite finished before the tide came in and washed it all away. However he did get to jump on mine as is tradition after the photos are done:

Jo jumps on the egg

00217 Two KAP outings

With the last of our guests gone, I've got round to posting up the KAP images I took while they were staying. Always worth taking the gear to the beach, as there'll always be an hour here or there when you won't have anything to do but sit under the sun - and who would want to do that?!?

So here's George taking a picture of the rig standing in the sea at Vazon alongside David and Jonah playing boules (which is only in because it's got the flying boule):

George Boules

Then another load from about two weeks later, this time with the Bayfords at Grand Roques. We all liked the portraits because everyone agreed that it was soooo an album cover:

Cara & the Bayfords at Grand Roques Grand Roques

It's good to get out.

00216 Tour

I've been tardy in posting this up, but here's the meat of what happened when I visited London for the day of the Prologue:

I got to the side of teh route well early, but the crowd was already two deep - I've heard attendance figures bandied about from 500,000 to two million. Anyway there were loads of people there. Needless to say it looked like I was going to get a crap view. But after a couple of phone calls to Dan and James (who were coming down later), we ended up with ringside seats (or ladders):

James, Dan and the ladders

And here are the two notable bits of vid from the day. Firstly Bradley Wiggins' fourth place ride with accompanying screaming:

And then Fabien Cancellara's superb winning ride: