Friday, March 31, 2006

00147 Lower sail with spar

Finished most of the big sewing jobs, now to knuckle down to the details like the keel and the reinforcements for the spar pockets. The lower sail is all hemmed up (as shown here) with a spar pocket immaculately sewn in (I am the bomb). The upper sail is all hemmed up and waiting for Dacron reinforcements. Miscalculated the lengths of bridal line needed, but I'm going to Dan(Harradine)'s house tomorrow and he's offering up dyneema lines, which I should be able to sheathe and use instead. Result.

00146 The New D50 has landed

... shortly before I send it off again under the kite. Wind's looking good for tomorrow aftee and so are the light conditions - now I just have to hope I don't screw it up. It's like starting all over again.

In shooting news, shot the first two cards ever at 15, a respectable 95 followed by a reasonable 93. That was Tuesday. This Thursday I got drafted into the "Elliot Bowl" - teams of four, each member picks a "start" which is added to their card score when finished. It's wierd, because you have to start by getting as high a score as you can on the first seven or so targets, then hopefully try to lose marks as you near the end. I picked a start of 8, so I needed a 92 - which I got in the first round (it was a knock-out competition). In the final, I got 103, which counts as a 97. I adjusted sights right off to the 7 ring, but scored a bull - pants luck.

Kitesurfing today - gusty as hell again, but boosted a massive air off a wave at Vazon in cross shore winds. Airborne for at least 3-4 seconds, got around 20 foot at least (translates as twenty foot max) - just sublime. Apart from that it was a bit of a struggle and I can't wait for a clean onshore. Camaaaan you onshores.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

00145 Cut the topsail

Topsail's cut, next I'll be marking out where everything goes and sewing on the hem band. Or maybe I'll start on the bottom sail, just to get all the major cutting out of the way.

Kitesurfing today - really gusty and overpowered again, this time at Vazon. Mike had a 9 meter up to my 11 and consequently was much happier. Dan had a 12 and was overpowered too. Got a glimps of what it's like to do a good size jump off a wave. Must try that again.

Shooting - two 15 yard targets back-to-back gave me a 95 and 93. Quite respectable as the scores were supposed to come down from a 25 yard score. I'll be shooting four targets back to back on Thursday in practice for the Jersey match.

Monday, March 27, 2006

00144 The Maxi Dopero making has begun

I've sewn all the material together ready to make the topsail. Now all I've got to do is measure out and cut the top sail pattern, then hem it and add some dacron reinforcement where the spars and elastic meet the ripstop. Then we're on to the lower sail, then on to fixing the elastic and cutting the spars. Oh, and making and sewing the open vertical keels (OVKs) and attaching the bridle.

The fun just never stops.

Oh, hang on. It's stopped.

Probably best.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

00142 Ooooh, it's so craaaaaazy

From the MAKE: Blog: Optical Illusions blog

Kitesurfing today - wind too strong, skill very low, spanking recieved. Stop.

00141 New camera

As with most things these days, I seem to have spontaneously purchased a D50

How did that happen? Well, I've lost the Pentax Optio S4 that I do my KAPing with, plus I've been bitching about the quality for KAP for ages.
It's a bit heavy 620 gram body, plus 210 gram (18-55mm) kit lens gives me 830 grams to lift, but that's why I'm going to construct the Maxi-Dopero. Spars are on the way - it's going to be big.

Other news, I'm off to Jersey to shoot in the inter insular small-bore competition, so I'll be getting in some practice next week (the last two shoots of th small-bore season). The jacket is excellent and although I'm still experimenting with technique, I shot a 96 on Thursday last which could so easily have been a 98 (couldn't it always). Next time maybe.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

00140 Someone else's sand work

Just came across some "Cropless Crop Circles" on a site called Phidelity. The video is really nice, although it doesn't run to the end of the production.

I like the idea of fine geometric shapes, but the natural flow and the threpeutic value of doing a one off, freehand thing is more alluring right now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

00139 Getting better

So the colouring in thing is getting better, although this one did take quite a long time to make. The questions are, would it be feasible to do a really large one? If so would it be any better thatn a smaller, more simple one? Either way, I really need to get some peope in there for scale. On the other hand this poses it's own problems - it'll probably be in summer when there are more people on the beach when I get the chance to include people in the shot, bu the down side is that there'll be loads more people on the beach, probably walking over the work or their dogs digging it up. Them's the breaks.
Shooting tomorrow - first time in two weeks after the neck thing. Might try staying down on the range for two or more cards and see how it goes.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

00138 Dot and squiggle experiment in KAP

An experiment in shading in large areas of a raked pattern - I'll be doing more of this. The wind was blowing force 8 at times and I was using a Flowform .7msq as the light faded away badly. Better conditions'll give me better results next time. Also interesting to note that this shape looked much better from the ground.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

00137 Update

So, just as a kind of diary type thing for the record I was out at Ladies Bay on Saturday and a tad underpowered with the 11 meter - I tell you, I'll definately be down to Vazon in those winds next time with a bigger kite. Griff went there instead and I knew it would be better.
The shooting last night was a mixed bag, a good 96 - with a 7 no less! and than a rather all-over-the-place 90. Don't know what went wrong there. Anyway new jacket arrives soon so hopefully that'll mark the beginning of a new upward trend (it's the one at the top)

00136 Maybe

Maybe I'll get round to:

Making a backgammon board - JY has told me in no uncertain terms that he wants one. He knows I deliver. In around 1998 he gave me his Ford Gran Torino to repaint. He got it back in around 2002. Fortunately the storage posed no problem as it was only about 7 inches long.

Solar powered boat - I've got some epoxy lyig around and I'd love to use the solar panel kit that Meriel got me for my Birthday to power it. More research needed into release compounds for glass fibre molds as well as waterproofing methods for boat drive shafts.

Maxi Dopero - The material is all selected (out of the scraps I had) and I've just got to sell afew games on Ebay to make up the funds.

Carom board - I'll probably just buy this in from here or more likely from here or here

KAP camera - Another purchase. If I'm desparate, I'll end up with a Nikon Coolpix 8400, if not it'll be the D50

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

00135 KAPing Dan's New GK sonic

I can't remember who took this, me or Simon. THis raises the question about who is the photographer and who the image belongs to. If I ask him to hold the kite does that make it his image?
Anyway Dan has obviously got a nice new set of kites and the weather was perfect for KAPing. If only I hadn't been so slack I could have got an image of the kite and rider on the water. Sadly I am quite slack, so I didn't.
To KAP it all, the images from Simon't 8MP Canon look much nicer than my slowly failing S4. Good God I want a D50, or at least a Coolpix 8400. Give me strength (preferably strength that I can swap for cash).

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

00134 Look! I got a picture of the Rasta one!

And what's more, it's me flying it. Pity the wind didn't stay good fro long before a squall blew in and took away the wind. Still not a bad session. That was Saturday, I think.
Now yesterday had the same weather thing going on, but this time I got in around an hour of really good surfing before the squall which nearly took me off my feet (on land! without the kite!). Helmet kept the hail off my head - that's why you need protection.
Back in the dry, went off to the range and got one card in - a 97. Good day all in all. I'll be ordering my jacket soon.