Saturday, March 25, 2006

00141 New camera

As with most things these days, I seem to have spontaneously purchased a D50

How did that happen? Well, I've lost the Pentax Optio S4 that I do my KAPing with, plus I've been bitching about the quality for KAP for ages.
It's a bit heavy 620 gram body, plus 210 gram (18-55mm) kit lens gives me 830 grams to lift, but that's why I'm going to construct the Maxi-Dopero. Spars are on the way - it's going to be big.

Other news, I'm off to Jersey to shoot in the inter insular small-bore competition, so I'll be getting in some practice next week (the last two shoots of th small-bore season). The jacket is excellent and although I'm still experimenting with technique, I shot a 96 on Thursday last which could so easily have been a 98 (couldn't it always). Next time maybe.

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