Tuesday, March 28, 2006

00145 Cut the topsail

Topsail's cut, next I'll be marking out where everything goes and sewing on the hem band. Or maybe I'll start on the bottom sail, just to get all the major cutting out of the way.

Kitesurfing today - really gusty and overpowered again, this time at Vazon. Mike had a 9 meter up to my 11 and consequently was much happier. Dan had a 12 and was overpowered too. Got a glimps of what it's like to do a good size jump off a wave. Must try that again.

Shooting - two 15 yard targets back-to-back gave me a 95 and 93. Quite respectable as the scores were supposed to come down from a 25 yard score. I'll be shooting four targets back to back on Thursday in practice for the Jersey match.

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