Sunday, July 19, 2015

00698 KAP rig

Here's the new KAP rig, 3D printed and working very well indeed. The hangups are nice and light and really easy to use.

KAP rig

KAP rig

And here's the whole kit together:

KAP rig

The only down side is that, as I could have predicted, I'm going to have to do another version with the sticks poking out the top, rather than the bottom, at it tends to twist up the picavet lines when it's packed away.

Did the house as a test the other day and it came out ok. Just need to get back in to the swing of angling the camera right.

Saint's View KAP  Saint's View KAP  

Saint's View KAP

Jerbourg KAP

Monday, July 13, 2015

00697 KAParoo

New rig (pictures to follow) means similar pictures, but much more riggy than before.

The hangups are also excellent and are displaying (as you would expect), a greater degree of hanginess:

Herm KAP

Herm KAP

Herm KAP  Herm KAP

Burton Bradstock

That last one has Billy Bragg's house in it. That's the kind of celebrity this pastime attracts.

00696 Pocket rocket in Herm

At work someone's always threatening to put a rocket up my arse.

Hope it's not this one:

Herm Rocket

Rocket materials

Although, if it's an actual rocket they're talking about, then I'd probably rather something along these lines.

00695 Pooh stick update

It's like a massive commercial enterprise, a corporate juggernaut crushing everything in its path.

But with better environmental credentials, not currently turning over anything, devoid of human contact and with less people (just the one, as it goes)

Fermain pooh stick

Moulin Huet Pooh Stick Moulin Huet Pooh Stick Petit Port Pooh Stick

Fermain pooh stick Petit Port Pooh Stick