Thursday, June 30, 2005

00054 Kites n' ships

After reading numerous seemingly rediculous and unbelievable articles about kites pulling boats, and also after conversely thinking that kites should be able to pull boats, I found this through the Yahoo! foils group. I would say OMG if I didn't think it was a crass thing to type.

Monday, June 27, 2005

00053 Rocks n' doodles n' stuff

Rocks n' doodles
Well, the Flickr KAP group made the Flickr blog, which I think is excellent. I was sad that it was just "Swimmies" that made it in recently, but now the whole group will get a good viewing. It was also featured on the Make: blog, which I guess is not so surprising after they featured Cris Benton and a rig making tutorial.
As is apparent here, the rake thing is coming along and each time I do it I want to try out something new - it's like the worlds largest doodle pad. Actually it's more like one of those magnetic doodle pads where the tide does the job of that thing that you sweep across the page to make the image disappear.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

00052 Squiggly

originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
My latest obsession is rake art. Originally inspired by this piece of work by Jim Denevan, I'm hoping to do alot of drawing in the sand (probably at Vazon where this image was taken) and then combine it with the KAP with hopefully fabulous results. Today was a no wind day and I had to run upwind to stop the rig hitting the ground, let alone get any height - there's always next time, but like a spoiled child I want next time to be NOW

Monday, June 20, 2005

00051 Flickr Blogstar

Wooooeeeeeee, I just looked at the "Swimmies" image (yes, the one below) and the number of views just jumped from 10 or so up to a round 250 and still rising.
I surfed around for a bit and eventually got to the Flickr Blog.
So that's why I'm getting so many hits. Man, I better make sure that I'm wearing clean underwear - I'm about to have alot of visitors (would it be too much if I posted up pictures of my clean underwear? probably).

00050 Up and away

originally uploaded by Lenny & Meriel.
It's been remiss of me not to post up for a while, but to be honest nothing much has been happening in my "life of trivia". But today a breakthrough!
I took the 15 meter out to Ladies Bay and flew it for the first time. Not only that but I was up on the board and exhibiting something approximating control.
Apart from that, there've been several KAP sessions all with pretty good results. I'm really loving the "fishing in the sky" thing with my new vertical timer rig. The dog here is the latest one from the session on Sunday when we went to Vazon and took out the new sit-on-top kayak. More pics of kayaks and related activities on the Family Blog