Saturday, August 11, 2007

00217 Two KAP outings

With the last of our guests gone, I've got round to posting up the KAP images I took while they were staying. Always worth taking the gear to the beach, as there'll always be an hour here or there when you won't have anything to do but sit under the sun - and who would want to do that?!?

So here's George taking a picture of the rig standing in the sea at Vazon alongside David and Jonah playing boules (which is only in because it's got the flying boule):

George Boules

Then another load from about two weeks later, this time with the Bayfords at Grand Roques. We all liked the portraits because everyone agreed that it was soooo an album cover:

Cara & the Bayfords at Grand Roques Grand Roques

It's good to get out.

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