Wednesday, September 28, 2005

00077 Windy 15

Tuesday, wrote Mr Lenfestey, I took advantage of the fine weather and travelled to Ladies Bay once again. I hoisted the 15 meter and proceeded to gain upwind ground taking me up and over the sand spit between the two bays. It got really windy after a couple of hours, so I pulled in the trim strap and just hung on in the high gusts - Mike reckoned it got up to 25 kts, which is alot for the 15.
I also found that if I need to get upwind to get some distance between me and the shore, I can hold the board against the force of the kite and edge really well to get me out and away from the beach, then I get a really good run and a better chance of getting upwind while surfing.
Got beasted several times and am very achy as a result.
Used Griff's waist harness, which wasn't as much of a revelation as I wanted it to be, but hey.
All in all it was an exceedingly good day.

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