Sunday, August 09, 2009

00374 Holga

Aieeeeeee. I've been Flickring too much and accidentally bought a Holga from Ebay.

"A plastic lensed camera" you say?

"Yes", I say.

"Pish and tosh", says you.

"Indeed", says I, " I thrive on pish and maintain an extensive sellar stocked only with the finest tosh".


  1. I thought of doing the same and then thought some more, then I forgot about it for a while, then I remembered it again. But in the end I can't do without the instant gratification of digital. Although I scanned some old 6 x 4's the other day, I like the look of them lots. My obsession now is tweaking my digi's to look of a certain era. Infact today I discovered another new, free software that attempts, among other things to do just that. It's called virtualPhotographer, well worth a look.

  2. Forgot to say that virtualPhotographer is a photoshop plugin and if you don't have photoshop you have to download virtual studio, which is a standalone programme including virtualphotographer. You can find it here