Monday, February 21, 2005

00006 Snippets

A random selection of snippets taken from the same page of what was probably the Guardian many years ago. The only reason I have these is that I was experimenting with OCR software - I think I ended up typing over a vast array of misrecognised characters (and, yes, I will be claiming "misrecognised" as a word of my own discovery):

Beers to the future
Members of a social club in Workington, Cumbria, have promised free drinks ... for life to a lOO-year-old man who has been a regular there for 60 years. News and Star

Disguise a liability
A laboratory technician sacked for wearing a wig, painted moustache and fake plastic breasts while working with dangerous radioactive chemicals at a company in Cardiff is claiming unfair dismissal.

And as a bonus, a memory I have of an article from the Guardian years earlier, where burglars, were disturbed during the course of their felony by the owner of the property. The owner was manhandled to the ground whereupon his feet were nailed to the floor to prevent him from reaching the phone and calling the police.

Oh, and before I forget, do yourself a favour, go and visit Konstructor. Thanks for sucking away yeat another hour of my life, Richard.

The likelihood of this lasting is diminishing as time progresses.

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