Wednesday, February 23, 2005

00008 Kites part one

Part one, because I can barely begin to imagine the scale of the post which would encapsulate all my kite stuff.

Split up into chunks there's:
Kite building in all its multifarious manifestations - eg Peter's plan site.
Kite surfing, which encapsulates all sorts of traction kiting - it all starts for me at Kiteboarder.
KAPping, aerial photography - cheaper than buying a helicopter. Begins with the one, the only Chris Benton. If you see nothing else, see his album on
Kite-type stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories (e.g RC sailcars - although they could have made the picture a a little more dynamic, like they do in videos).

If you can't wear the anorak, leave it in the kitchen.

Really, this can't go on.

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