Sunday, February 24, 2013

00641 The Trophy

Never thought of making a trophy before. This was Andy's idea - stick some bike bits together as a prize for Wednesday's charity roller racing. I say charity in the hope that Rollapaluza hasn't gone corporate and is cranking up the litigation engines as I type. We just couldn't think up another name in time and IT'S FOR THE KIDS, FOR CHRISSAKES! (well, maybe not just for the kids, but it's for people who used to be kids)

So the essence is wood, mdf, jam jar, bolts, sprockets, chain and an old quick release spindle:

Roller trophy

Roller trophy  Roller trophy  Roller trophy

Roller trophy

Roller trophy  Roller trophy

Roller trophy
Admittedly the whole "making a trophy" thing kind of got out of hand - was always going to happen. BTFW I'm out of the office at present, just so's you know, eh?

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