Sunday, November 16, 2008

00305 Lihou from the kite

Went to Lihou with Kev with the intention of KAPing - his idea, good one too.

Overcast weather. I'm normally thinking, flat light sucks, but since doing the Strobist thing, now I'm thinking that it's just a different kind of light.

Anyway Kev took two gazillion images, give or take. I stuck with 239, it's a nice round number and it reminds me of the time when something or other happened to me involving the number 239 (a story which I often dine out on).

Here's some from the day:


Lihou Diagonal Ruin

The house is the one that I was going for, but I like stone walls and I can't seen to stop photoshopping and vignetting. It's an infection I picked up from Flickr, I'm sure of it.

Kev's stuff is here and my my, isn't there alot of it.

Also I started looking at page views and stuff every day since the "9V tradgedy" started getting loads of hits. Look:


Man, I love statistics. I keep thinking that I'll start collecting data from some part of my life and then analyse it. The other part of me tells me to make another blurb book, something nice to put in the loo.

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