Friday, February 26, 2010

00395 Boxes, boxes, boxes

Been busy making boxes for 'bots:

light from the coins

The darlington pair touch-switch is working exceedingly well. There's now a couple of coins on the top of this box which switches on two LEDs inside when touched. Now all I have to worry about is the jail sentence when they find out I've soldered the Queen's head.

The wires are routed through a conduit drilled out of the walls of the box - it's so awesome, I can hardly believe how deeply I've embraced my inner geek.



Strange thing is that, because they're designed to be viewed in a box, they're not so good as images.

w.i.p. Lit 2p

soldering coins Platform

Battery compartment

Man I could get lost in these (if I could just perfect that shrinking ray)


  1. Perhaps I missed an intro somewhere.. but what will he final result be like? LEDs light up... little bots considering jumping... how does it all come together? :)

  2. It's just a lighting thing. I'll post up an image soon. It works really, really well, though. Everyone who sees it can't help themselves - they have to touch it