Sunday, November 04, 2007

00231 Pumpkins

I was getting a little tired of the Halloween posting on the Make Blog, mainly because it reaches saturation point before Halloween. However, seeing as it's something the kids like doing as well as the adults, I can easily see the attraction of pumpkin carving. We used apples as well as pumpkins, just like we did about five years ago and I must get round to making some dedicated tools for apple carving, then it'd be soooo much easier. Even making something to take out the core to the same diameter as a tea light would be a major help.

Pumpkins and apples

Pumpkins and apples

The ones on the left are ours (just to illustrate the "cutting the skin, but not piercing the flesh" approach to carving the apples), on the right are the Foley/Bonner-Morgan's home-grown versions - very nice:

Pumpkins and apples Pumpkins

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