Wednesday, October 31, 2007

00230 KRAP

The Fort and the Dopero

So I went KAPing and took out the Maxi Dopero on a very light wind day. And so the kite just wanted to go over the seaboard side of this fort and the camera was in the middle of the fort and I was on the land-ward side. All I could do is tie off the kite to the railings and head inside the fort to retrieve the camera suspended over the parapet (or whatever it's called). When I got there I discovered that the kite was miraculously still flying on the other side of the fort. Either there were weird thermals, or the wind moved through 90 degrees and then back again as soon as I picked up the line.
Did I mention it had already crashed before and the kite went into the sea? If you think that the Dopero resists the pull of the wind with alot of force, you want to try pulling it out of the sea. Man that was a fight.
I'm going to have to sort out what's up with it before I try getting back on that horse again.

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