Tuesday, July 25, 2006

00178 Weeks go by

With all the house stuff going on, I haven't really had time to update.
No rake art time, and only managing to snatch a couple of KAP sessions. The Maxi Dopero is misbehaving a little (maybe because the winds have been very flukey lately), which means that I can only lift the rig in strong winds. Got a reasonable one of Fort Richmond, mind - but only because it was nearby.
Kitesurfing was great about two weeks ago. Two brilliant days on the trot with the Instinct. Sadly the last session saw me put some rips in the canvas and I'm still wondering whether to send it away for repairs, or just tape it up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

00177 Rakeart goes BoingBoing

Well the rake art shots made it onto BoingBoing. Now, the wierd thing is that I don't know how popular BoingBoing is, but I get the impression that it's quite prolific. I've subscribed to it for a year or so and it was Dave (aka Mobilexile) who Flickrmailed me and pointed it out.
Either way, it's on another blog and it's right here.
Whatever it means, I certainly got a sudden surge of interest in the set.

00176 Rocks n' waves n' forts n' kitesurfin'

So I got out to kitesurf in the morning and KAP when the kids went to bed.
The kitesurfing was mostly good. Man, I could do with a bigger kite. On the up side I could finally ride Vazon in a Swerly. Up and over the waves. Bit shakey, but with a bit more power it'd be spot on.
The KAP went really well. Went back to Fort Hommet to do it with a higher grade camera. Got this great shot of the waves n' Rocks, plus a couple of good ones of the fort. Now all I need is some new subject matter.

Friday, July 07, 2006

00175 Instinct flying

Went out yesterday in wind that Mike could only just get going in on his 14m Halo. I got out the 11m and managed to get going with a big board and alot of kite movement. And apart from a relaunch problem, which I put down to loads of seaweed on the lines and very low winds, it was a great success. Sunday promises more wind. I really want to see what it does in a hooley.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

00174 Wake up

After a full day doing the PTA thing and waiting for wind that never comes, Mike very kindly took us out wakeboarding again. Both of us got a go and the conditions were perfect. I even managed to Ollie after jumping to line up for the jump in the opposite direction and vice versa a few times - can't be botheres to make it any clearer than that.

00173 Ozone Instinct

My new kite arrived on Thursday and its inaugural month will no doubt be heralded by a total lack of wind.
Still, it is beautifully made and the attention to detail and build quality is superb, which is a miracle because it's usually all hype.
Although it is a bow kite, it doesn't have a bridle per se. Intead it has a fifth line that splits near the kite, with lines running out to the leading edge, center strut and the two wing tips. Allegedly it will never inver, a problem that bow kite suffer from at times.
I just cant wait for a challenging and gusty day. Bring it on.