Tuesday, August 15, 2006

00181 Gusty KAP

Gusty winds meant I couldn't risk getting out over the water to get teh kids jumping off the pier. Would have been good with the new camera. Soon as I've stabilised the Maxi Dopero, I'll be more confident and heading out over the water a bit more.

00180 Back on

After moving into the house, I'm back online and I'll be out posting up again.

Had a couple of sessions on the 11 meter - it's so well behaved - one at Poole harbour on the way back from holiday and one at Ladies. I'll have the jump timing nailed soon. Wish I'd bought a 13, but with the Flexi 15 I though I'd get away with it. Truth be told, I'm going nowhere near a 'C' kite as long as I can avoid it.

00179 Rips

Ripped me bloney kite. Fixed it with spinaker tape, wonderful stuff.