Tuesday, March 08, 2005

00021 Coincidental names

Danny Baker again, this time with the list of people whose names are coincidental with their addresses:
Gary of Grays
Gordon of Khartom Villas
Mr. & Mrs. Dyer of Coffin Avenue
Mrs. Gotobed of Little Snoring
Mrs. Bird of Woodpecker Road
Mr. & Mrs. Groom of The Paddocks, Blackhorse Lane
Mr. Scratchy of Itchington near Bath
Mr. Deadman of Gravesend
Otis Lifts of Reading
Mr. Hedge of Firtree Avenue
Mrs. Tomb of Little Egypt
Mr. Blowers and his cat Tumble of Dryer Lane
Mr. Bunny of Warren Lane
Ms. Byrd moved from Emu Road to Turkey Street and on to Duck's Walk
Karen Milton of Milton Cottages, Milton Road
Mr. George Lane, who visits a bookshop in George Lane
Mr. Martin Hampshire of Martin, Hampshire

I'd say that he's so good it hurts, but it doesn't and, frankly, I don't see how it could.

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