Tuesday, May 10, 2005

00043 At last, in the water

So liberation day weekend (a strange oxymoron) came and went but not before I managed to get out on the water (at last!) with my 11 meter Flexifoil. I lent the other (the 15 meter rasta) to Mark, a local kitesurfer. Mark came back smiling, saying the kite was superb and added that it was perfect for my aprentceship.
So I got to use the wetsuit for the first time - if it had come in a tin it would have done what it said on it - and then headded out. Just sublime. Body dragging followed by "teabagging" (being dragged vertically out of the water and landing down wind, skimming off the water). Just towards the end of the day Mark lent me his board and I made a confused stab at trying to get up on it. Next time I'll be up and planing, I reckon, although a promised session of wakeboarding would probably not be out of place to brush up on board skills first.

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  1. cough, splutter, chuckle. pictures. want to see pictures.