Monday, January 02, 2006

0116 Back again

I think I'm finally back up to strength now after having had some unholy virus which first fills the lungs with hacking mucus and then empties the body of nutrients over a period of days using the lower exit . To administer a killer blow, I ensured an intake of alcohol and rich food kept my ebb low over the festive season. You can never be sure about these things, though, so just to be sure I limited sleep and eventually my success was assured. I was fucked.

So what's on the cards after the return to form? Well, I've considered a few options.

KAP? No wind, plus I'm pining after a D50 with a Sigma 10-20mm (at a cool £700 this should be safely beyond my grasp)
Kitesurfing? No wind and no time. Plus I'm moaning about needing this shorter board for high wind and to help initiate me into the awesome world of the jump (£400 plus p&p means I won't be seeing that one any time soon).
Board building? Although the 138x36 proved to be a great board for upwind and chop, it's definately too heavy for getting off the water. I need access to glassfibre, vaccum bags & pumps and perhaps the thing I most require, a working knowledge of board engineering and composite materials (a PhD would be dandy).
Backgammon boards? Need some more tools for this and Meriel has our alottment of woodwork evening classes shorn up (but I'm not bitter).

A new kite? Now were talking.
I may not have the D50, but I'll not be entirely happy until I've lofted a quality camera. But as is becomming painfully apparent, quality not only costs, but it weighs. So I'll be looking into a KAP Pilot:

From an original design by Peter Lynn, it's been tweaked for KAP in low winds, which is exactly what I need for lifting heavy gear in under 10 mph.

Let's just see what happens ...

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