Tuesday, May 02, 2006

00158 Katchup

So it's come down to this, a look back at the week. I thought I'd be able to avoid this, but hey.

This image and a couple of others were taken from an impromptu session with the Maxi Dopero (first KAP sesh) when we went to Portelet with Caroline, Steve and the kids. Iwas just showing them how it worked and it seemed a little pointless to miss an opportunity to KAP on a blue-sky day.

The kitesurfing was not so hot. Underpowered at the South and then the North ends of Vazon (I think it was Tuesday and then Sunday). The first outing at the South end of Vazon was quite a revelation. As usual I was suffering from the lack of low-end grunt from my 15 (because of the 5th line, as far as I know), and Mike lent me his 12 meter Cabrinah Switchblade. What a thing that was!. Powered up fully in 9 knots of admittedly constant wind. I'll be trying it out when he moves down a size to check out the high wind ability. If that's good, then I'll sell the Flexis (with a tear in my eye) and buy just the one 12m Bow. Man, that was a real moment.

Shooting was good. Coached again (by Peter Jory). Got a 73-10 followed by a 73-11 at 500 and 600 respectively. Would've won the B class trophy for the day had it not been for the lack of membership to the club (and perhaps the coaching). Shucks.

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