Saturday, November 25, 2006

00186 Resolutions

So I'll be making some new resolutions beore the new year, the main one of which is to make alot more stuff. We'll be fully settled in the new house soon and we'll finally be able to get down to making stuff again. I'm constantly browsing the Make blog and the inspiration I'm getting to make things is really building up - it always happens like this.

Here's a list of the proposed projects:

New kiteboard - this time a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) construction. I've found someone who can advise me on a possible wood core construction and I've soursed a good supplier of all the GRP products I'm going to need.

PC case mod - we have a space under the living room shelves which is too low for a full tower case and I'd like to run a more powerul PC than will fit in a Midi case. So I'm looking at a wooden box with a glass front.

More rake art and KAP - I've been kitesurfing alot lately and the KAPing has suffered as a result.

So the lack of postings aren't due to slackness, it's just that I've got bored just jotting down the shooting and kitesuring stuff and I'm realising that I'd much rather use the blog to detail stuf I make. Although, having said that, I've been hungrily eyeing Instructibles as a way to post up projects.

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