Saturday, April 19, 2008

00248 More ideas ...

... to do with time that I now don't seem to have.

More laser cut board games - as there may be a chance that we can return to the woodworking class for an extra term. Maybe I should finish the first lot.

Polystyrene robots - I'm sure there's a way to make things move using really simple electronics and import them into a flatpack cardboard or polystyrene body, so that they can be reduced to a light kit form. Smacks a little of a commercial venture, so perhaps I won't go there.

Beach things book from Blurb - After the success of the kids book (pictures to follow after Gran's birthday) I'll be steaming ahead with the publication of a beach things book. There'll be rake art, eggs and pooh sticks. I can't wait.

Floor sweeper robot - I'm still interested in a sand drawing robot, but maybe I can get myself motivated by making a simple wheeled robot for the living area. The idea is that it drags a small "V" shaped brush behind it and picks up the cat fluff. I think it'll come down to how well I can program it to change direction when it hits something - oh, and whether or not I can build one. This instructable has given me hope. Which reminds me, I must make a water mortar.

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