Wednesday, December 03, 2008

00311 Morebots

I was just running out of ideas for the Sparebots until I saw this DC motor. Really difficult to photograph. Anyway I had this really complicated idea about what to do with it - there was this field full of IC chips and a hunter on a steed with a rifle and a bow and arrow and ... blah, blah , blah. How am I going to fit that under a sheet of A3?

What are the chances?

555 Rider Bits


Poser Elephant

Hold me back

Personally I go for the one with the dice, although it would have been better if it was more obvious that he had his hand on his hip. WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!?!?

Still can't stop using the Lomo actions. Mmmmmmmm Lomo actions.

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  1. Anonymous5:20 am

    neato! i like these.