Wednesday, February 27, 2008

00243 Pieces ready and frames rebated

I've sanded down some pieces I bough to give a much more pleasing look and used the table router at the woodwork class to dash off the frame rebates:

Backgammon pieces Frame rebates routed

The frame pieces need to be cut in half, then mitred when I have the laser cut boards back. Hope the boards work out, if they measure up they'll look amazing.

Meanwhile the barstools are already in use daily:

Breakfast on the stools

Sunday, February 24, 2008

00242 Backgammon!

I've routed out all the rails for the frame of the board, although I've found that the wood was a little more warped than I'd like - what is it with all this warping? Am I, like, Captain Warp?

Anyway I managed to get a design sorted out to check out how the laser cutter will deal with doing a board design. It looks ok, but I know I'm just going to want to experiment with it more and more - although I don't think I'll get the opportunity.

Laser cut board design

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

00241 Coasteering & backgammon again

Went coasteering again last weekend along the same route as the first time, but this time a little further. Looking forward to going on a different route next time. We did get to check out this quite cool cave towards the end:

In a cave

Stools are pretty much done so I've started the backgammon board and will be posting up images soon. I've routed out the rebates in the frame rails and I'll be fighting with the warping wood again. Only time will tell if the whole thing will go together without big gaps between the lids. On the upside it looks like the design for the board itself can be laser cut - really cool.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

00240 Stools coming to an end

I've now cut down the stools' legs to the right size and I've begun waxing the seats to stop the kids from greasing them up. I'll probably do the legs,too, although they could probably do with some extra sanding first. Meantime the tops continue to warp a little, which, while it isn't a nightmare, still causes me some aggravation as they are making the legs sit unevenly on the floor. I'll wait 'till they're done moving and then I'll trim them some more.

Waxed seats

Generally speaking they're a great success and I'm now waiting for the wood to arrive to start my backgammon board. Mmmmmm,can't wait.

00239 Fishin' & eatin'

Robbie's Bream

After a couple of fruitless, but interesting fishing trips with my birthday present (two fishing rods & accompanying reels), I went on a boat trip to catch fish. There really wasn't much to catch - mostly because of the time of year, or so I'm led to believe.
Anyway everyone eventually caught at least one (mostly bream) and I took my two home to eat. One of the fish I was told was a little on the small size, but I was determined to cut it down to size and eat it as sushimi, which turned out to be awesome. The larger one I shared with Meriel and went down a treat steamed with butter and accompanied by home made tartar sauce and chips. Pukka, it might be said.
The upshot of all of this is that the idea of fishing off the rocks, given the time and the expertise, is looking really appealing and I'm now ultra determined to crack it.

00238 Playing with fire

Although it's a well trodden path, I think the idea of using twigs from a fire, a long lens and a long exposure might produce some interesting results. So far nothing special:

Playing with fire

We'll have to wait for the next bonfire.