Thursday, January 01, 2009

00319 All my dreams come true

I had a dream last night that I was a wildly affluent genius who spent all of his spare time making tiny people out of electronic components. Imagine my surprise to wake up an find that the man was real and it was me!

Apart from the bit about being rich.

And the bit about being a genius (although I do have a CSE in classical studies)

They talk to me, you know, the little people. They say "get a life".

Moon (by Lenny&Meriel)

Up there (by Lenny&Meriel)

And I've just moved into this really cool new studio
(or "my lounge" as Meriel so wittily puts it):

Le studio (by Lenny&Meriel)

It's chocka with expensive equipment too:

Grids n' gobos (by Lenny&Meriel)

Bet you wish you were me, eh?

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